Decorating Tips For The Patio

By giving some time and attention to the patio, home owners can increase their living space and enjoy spending more time outdoors. The following are some decorating tips that can make any patio more attractive and inviting.

Plan An Overall Style

Before re-decorating a patio, it’s a good idea to start with a plan in mind. Home owners should consider what sort of ambiance they want to create and what colors, styles, and textures will achieve that look. Wicker and wood both have a warm and homey feel, for example, while aluminum is light and breezy. Cushions and area rugs can add more visual appeal with splashes of color.

Choose The Right Furniture

A patio or deck is not complete without comfortable and functional furniture, like sofas, chairs, a hammock, and a dining table. The type and amount of furniture needed will depend on how much space is available and how home owners plan to use that space. Collapsible furniture that can be stored away is a great solution for small spaces that are only used occasionally for entertaining.

Add Some Shade

The main disadvantage of a patio is the fact that it’s completely exposed to sun and rain. A Pergola can add a bit of shade without making the patio feel like an enclosed room. A roof with adjustable slats is ideal for controlling the amount of light or shade the patio receives. Learn more about adjustable roofing from this Pergola Company Orange California.

Add Lighting

Outdoor lighting really brings a patio to life, especially in the evening. Some popular approaches to lighting include strings of lights and solar lighting. Solar lights can be placed in the ground, where they store energy throughout the day and then shine in the evening. Candles also provide attractive lighting, and citronella candles are a must for areas where mosquitoes are active.

Install A Fire Pit

A fire pit can be the perfect focal point of a patio seating area. It can provide warmth on cool nights, and it can be used in place of a grill to cook food or make’s mores. Most fire pits use natural gas or propane.

Other decorating tips include adding curtains, potted plants, and outdoor artwork. Decorating a patio can be a very rewarding project that adds a whole new room to a home.


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